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You can now connect up to 12 safe expansion modules on the right-hand side to the base unit PNOZ m B1. Until now, only a max. of 8 was possible. The new output module PNOZ m ES 14DO with 14 semiconductor outputs for non-safety-related standard applications is now also available for modular expansion. PNOZ m B1 enables exact matching to the application by using expansion modules, there are no inputs or outputs available on the base unit itself.

Modbus/TCP has the base unit PNOZ m B1 directly on board for even faster communication. Use PNOZ m B1 flexibly, several automation projects can be stored on the USB stick. In PNOZmulti Configurator you can use up to 1.024 connection lines for even larger projects (previously 256). The diagnostic solution PVIS can be activated in the Configurator with a few clicks.

  • Certified hardware and software for reliable operation
  • Easy to configure thanks to user-friendly software tools
  • Short time to market because inputs and outputs are freely configurable
  • The appropriate modules for every requirement – flexible, simple, economical to expand
  • Comprehensive diagnostic options mean short downtimes
  • Fast commissioning thanks to simple wiring with plug-in terminals

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Small control systems PNOZmulti 2 - Pilz Vietnam - TMP Vietnam

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