Rơ le bảo vệ Electronic monitoring relays PMDsigma-PILZ Vietnam-TMP Vietnam

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On electronic monitoring relays, electrical safety is the focus. Monitoring relays reduce the number of hazardous situations for man and machine and increase the service life of plant and machinery. Save costs and be sure of an efficient production cycle.

Simple monitoring of electrical safety

  • Short set-up and commissioning times for the monitoring relays, thanks to quick and easy knob adjustment (push & turn)
  • Error-proof: Menu-based configuration of the monitoring relays with internal cross-referencing
  • Ease of handling when exchanging device because configuration is saved on chip card
  • Minimal standstill times thanks to extended diagnosis and measurements indication via display
  • Approved for applications worldwide

PMDsigma – Features at a glance

  1. Rapid installation: Innovative spring-loaded terminals, chambers are operated individually
  2. Convenient diagnostics and parameter setting via the display: All relevant values can be set, displayed and retrieved
  3. Rapid assembly via spring clips: No need for tools
  4. Values are easy to set thanks to an encoder with key function (push & turn)
  5. Safe from manipulation: Setting elements have a lockable cover
  6. Set values are saved on the chip card: Maximum flexibility when exchanging units
  7. Diagnostics in seconds: Via 6 LED displays – no external measuring devices required

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Rơ le bảo vệ Electronic monitoring relays PMDsigma-PILZ Vietnam-TMP Vietnam

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