Súng bắn nhiệt độ cầm tay Cyclops C390L Thermometer - Land Ametek Vietnam - TMP Vietnam

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Low Temperature (C): 450 High Temperature (C): 1400
Low Temperature (F): 842 High Temperature (F): 2552

Technical Details

Measurement range:

450 to 1400°C/842 to 2532°F (Operating)

Indication: 4-digit LCD in viewfinder; external backlit LCD display
Measuring modes: Continuous, Average, Peak, Valley
Data Storage Internal storage of up to 9999 readings, including date & time stamp. Also 9 ‘routes’ of up to 99 readings per route
Software: PC and Mobile software for logging, stored data retrieval and route management
Data logging: Wireless Bluetooth connection or USB connection to PC/Laptop/Mobile  running the new Data Logger software (option)
Data logging modes: Classic, Historical, Burst and Route
Optical System: 9° field of view; 1/3° measurement area (180:1 to 98% energy); eyepiece adjustable -3.75 to +2.5 diopters
Focusing Range: 1m/39.3in to infinity 450 to 620mm/17.7 to 24.5in
Target Size:

4.8mm / 0.19in square at 101.4 cm / 39.9in from thermometer body datum

Spectral response: 3.9µm nominal with advanced spectral filtering
Emissivity adjustment: 0.10 to 1.20 in 0.01 step graduations
Response time: <500ms to 98%
Display update time: 0.5s
Accuracy: <0.5% C/F of reading
Measurement Resolution: 1°C / 2°F
Field of View: 180:1 square
Repeatability: <1°C / 2°F
Operating temp. range: 0 to 50 °C/32 to 122 °F
Power requirement: One MN1604/6LR61/PP3 battery or USB
Output: Bluetooth® or USB
Weight: 0.83kg/1.8lb
Sealing: IP40
Standard accessories: Lens cap, protection window/filter, battery, wrist strap, , USB cable, CD with demo PC Logger Software, Industrial Rubber Casing
Optional accessories:

Data Logger software pre-loaded onto a mobile phone supplied; or CD for PC/laptop waterproof carry case, heat protection jacket, Long eye relief eyepiece, Lens Protection Hood, UKAS calibration


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Súng bắn nhiệt độ cầm tay Cyclops C390L Thermometer - Land Ametek Vietnam - TMP Vietnam

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