High precision pressure transmitter P126-Wise Vietnam-TMP Vietnam

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High precision pressure transmitter P126-Wise Vietnam-TMP Vietnam
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●High precision pressure transmitter for industrial applications 
●All stainless steel 316 construction 
●Measuring ranges from 0.1 to 350kgf/cm2 
●Advanced piezoresistive silicon measuring cell 
●Excellent accuracy and long term stability 
●300% proof pressure 
●Various choice of electrical connection


The transmitters can be used for a wide range of applications in process control, automatic machinery and hydraulic or pneumatic system design. 
●Standard hydraulic and pneumatic equipments 
●Freon and ammonia refrigeration 
●Machine tools and automatic machinery 
●Flow control 
●Oil and off-shore industry 
●Equipments for chemical and petrochemical industry 
●Engine monitoring and control 
●Fire fighting equipments and braking systems for railway


P120 series pressure transmitter is a signal conditioned media-isolated high precision pressure transmitter that can be used for a wide variety of applications. The transmitter has a water resistant, stainless steel housing for complete protection from harsh environments. Its 4~20mA current output is ideal for remote monitoring of both primary and secondary process variables. It has been designed as an advanced device for measuring pressure of gases and liquids in industrial applications. It is extremely versatile and suitable for measuring dynamic or static pressure. The transmitters are available as absolute and relative pressure types with either 2-wire current or 3-wire voltage output. The pressure to be measured acts through thin corrosion resistant stainless steel 316L diaphragm on a silicon measuring element. The pressure transmitting medium is silicon oil. The measuring element contains diffused piezoresistive resistors which are connected into a Wheatstone bridge. The output signal of this bridge is temperature compensated and converted into a standardized current or voltage output signal.

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High precision pressure transmitter P126-Wise Vietnam-TMP Vietnam

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