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The TC920V Tension Controller can be used with a wide range of web manufacturing and treatment processes to automatically control the tension of a moving web to a constant value. Digital calculation allows a wider range of functions than previous products, but the controller can still be operated in the intuitive style of an analog device. This controller combines stable and precise tension control with excellent cost performance.

Power supply voltage 100 to 240V AC 50/60Hz
Power consumption 300VA (Entry cuurent 60Atyp (20ms))
Current capacity 1.5A (200V)
Mass 6kg
Environment Operating ambient temperature 0 to +50°C
Operating ambient humidity 35 to 85%RH (no condensation)
Vibration resistance 3.5mm, 1G, 3 to 150Hz, 3 directions (for one hour)
Power source noise 2kV, normal mode, pulse width of common mode 50 nS, 
1 uS (depends on the noise simulator)
Operating ambient atmosphere Place free from water droplets, inflammable gas, corrosive gas, corrosive gas, and dust
Rated tension 10~10000N
Tension sensors that can be connected to the TC920V MB, MG, MC, CD, MJ, CJ, TSA, and intrinsically safe TSA tension sensors.
Output Output for measurement Tension value voltage output (0 to 10VFS (1 mA or less))
Current output for tension value meter (0 to 1mA/FS)
External setting power supply 0 to 10V (1 mA or less), 4 to 20mA (470Ω or less)
0 to 24V (4A or less)
Power supply for external setting Power supply for external setting
Contact output Zero tension output
Minimum diameter output
Automatic control output
Number of outputs, 3
(DC30V 0.2A, AC200V 0.2A)
Input Sensor input •MG tension sensor
•MB tension sensor
•MC tension sensor
•CD tension sensor
•MJ tension sensor
•CJ tension sensor
•TSA tension sensor
Analog input •External tension setting
•External manual tension setting
A number of inputs, 2 (0 to 5V, input impedance 100kΩ)
•Analog diameter
(for Taper and Start level)
•New spindle deameter (for splicer)
•External start level setting
•External taper rate
A number of inputs, 4 (0 to 10V, input impedance 100kΩ)
Contact input •Automatic
•Memory reset
•Output on
•Emergency stop, external automatic
/ manual or accelerate
•Diameter calculation reset
•Diameter calculation hold
A number of inputs, 8 (12V DC, 12mA)
Pulse generator Gate generator Detection for speed and diameter 12V DC
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Bộ điều khiển lực căng Tension Controller TC920V-Nireco Vietnam-TMP Vietnam

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