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The Liteguide Controller AE1000 carries out EPC (Edge Position Control) through a combination of Photoheads (PH16B) and Ultrasonic Sensor (UH01), CPC (Center Position Control) through a combination of Photoheads and Autowide Sensor (AWE280 etc.) and LFC (Line Follower Control) through a combination of LH19 and LH110.

  • Liteguide Controller AE1000 is the successor to the previously well established AE900E and AE900L controllers.
  • This single type can be connected to Nireco standard sensors which has been used with the AE900E or AE900L controller.
    (Some sensors may need to be used with a preamp)
  • Can be used directly coupled with electrical actuators K12 and K61. Can also be connected to the K80 series through use of a driver.
  • Has 2 systems, a sensor input stage and a shift input stage, which can be switched for use.
  • Uses a larger LCD display than previous models with a white backlight making it both easier to see and allowing for verification of a greater amount of information.
Power Supply Voltage AC100 to 240V 50/60Hz ±10%
Power Consumption 300 VA (inrush current 100 A 10 ms typical (200 V))
Power Fuse 250V AC, 3.15 A (time-lag type)
Ambient Operating Temperature 0 to 50°C
Ambient Operating Humidity 35 to 85% RH or lower (no condensation)
Vibration Resistance 3.5 mm, 1 G, 3 to 150 Hz, three-directions (1hour)
Power supply Noise 2.5 kVp-p, normal mode, common mode 50 ns, 1μs width
Usage atmosphere: Area with no water, flammable or corrosive gases, and little dust.
Mass Approximately 5 kg
IP Class IP30
Input 2 Sensor systems Voltage input Maximum ±5V(No input resistance)
Current input 0-20mA (input resistance converted to 240/2kΩ)
2 analog shift systems Voltage input Maximum ±10V
Centering Proximity switch input (0-8V, 1.2kΩ input resistance)(Applies to: KL1632. 0-90P)
Position Transmitter Voltage input Maximum ±10V
Photo coupler input 
(12V DC, 15mA)
Remote controller :
Operation mode switching(auto / manual / centering)
Operation keys (left / right / auto balance / reverse)
System selection(EPC1 / EPC2)
Locks 3 points
Actuator end limit :
2 points
Output Electrical actuator K12 ±24V DC, 1A(maximum) or K62 ±36V DC, 2A(maximum)
Lamp power source 4 to 12V DC, variable (maximum 1A)
Fine tuner, Position transmitter, LH8B ±5V power source (maximum 0.1A)
Sensors ±15V power source (+15V, 1A; -15V, 0.2A)
(Note: The current capacity on the + side combined with the lamp power source in(2) is less than 1A.)
Centering proximity switch power source 8V DC (maximum 30mA)
2 indicator systems Voltage output Maximum ±10V (load resistance 2kΩ or greater)
Deviation output
Position transmitter output
Photo coupler output 
(24V DC, 40mA)
Remote controller :
Operation mode state(auto / manual / centering)
System state (EPC1 / EPC2)
Alarms Excessive deviation
End limit
Actuator lock
Actuator excessive load
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Bộ điều khiển Liteguide Controller AE1000-Nireco Vietnam-TMP Vietnam

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