Analog Input-Multi-functional input 4-chanel-ELM3704-0000 Beckhoff

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The EtherCAT Terminals from the ELM series were developed in order to enable the high-quality measurement of common electrical signals in the industrial environment. Flexibly usable measurement modules are especially useful in laboratory and testing technology environments. Therefore the ELM370x multifunction modules feature an input circuit that can be set to over 30 different types of electrical connection via EtherCAT: from voltages of ±60 V to ±20 mV, thus supporting thermocouples and IEPE, a current of ±20 mA, a resistance measurement of 5 kΩ and thus also temperature RTDs (PT100, etc.), measuring bridges and potentiometers, and all of this with a 2- to 6-wire connection, depending on the type. Thus, most electrical measuring tasks can be solved with just a single module. There is a choice of different connection types:

The ELM3704-0001 with its high-quality LEMO connectors is mainly designed for laboratory use, where sensor configurations are changed on a daily basis, but a stable and reliable plug connection is nevertheless required. The 6-pin version with push-in (ELM3704-0000/ELM3702-0000) on the other hand is ideal for industrial use where a plug is unplugged less frequently for maintenance purposes and fast wiring is much more important.

Features ELM370x
Voltage measurement ±60/30/10/5/2.5/1.25 V, ±640/320/160/80/40/20 mV, 0…5/10 V (2-wire connection)
Current measurement ±20 mA, 0/4…20 mA, NAMUR NE43 (2-wire connection)
Strain gauge quarter bridge (350 Ω + 120 Ω), half bridge (±16 mV/V), full bridge (±32 mV/V), internal bridge completion and supply adjustable 0…5 V (2-/3-/4-/5-/6-wire connection)
IEPE measurement current feed 2 mA, acquisition of the modulated AC voltage, AC/DC coupling (parameterisable high-pass)
Potentiometer measurement potentiometer ≥ 1 kΩ, supply integrated and adjustable 0…5 V
Resistance measurement 0…5 kΩ (2-/3-/4-wire connection)
Temperature measurement (RTD) PT100, PT200, PT500, PT1000, Ni100, Ni120, Ni1000, diverse KT/KTY (types see documentation) (2-/3-/4-wire connection)
Temperature measurement (thermocouple) type K, J, L, E, T, N, U, B, R, S, C; internal cold junction measurement (2-wire connection)
Technical data ELM3704-0000
Number of channels 4
Technology multi-function
Signal type differential
Connection technology 2-/3-/4-/5-/6-wire
Connection type push-in, service plug, 6-pin
Max. sampling rate max. 100 µs/10 ksps
Oversampling factor n = 1…100 selectable (max. 10 ksamples/s)
Internal resistance > 500 kΩ (30 V); > 4 MΩ (others); 150 Ω (current)
Measuring error typ. ±100 ppm/±0.01 % relative to the respective full scale value @ 23 °C in some measuring ranges, see documentation
Temperature coefficient typ. < 10 ppm/K in some measuring ranges, see documentation
Functional diagnostics yes
Connection diagnostics broken wire/short-circuit
Distributed clocks yes, oversampling n = 1…100, accuracy << 1 µs
Current consumption power contacts
Current consumption E-bus typ. 400 mA
Weight approx. 350 g
Operating/storage temperature -25…+60 °C/-40…+85 °C
Thermal dissipation typ. 3 W
Special features ExtendedRange 107 %, free numeric filter, TrueRMS, integrator/differentiator, non-linear scaling, PeakHold
Approvals CE
ZS9100-0002 shield connection for ELM series, shield diameter 7…16 mm
ZS9100-0003 shielding hood with EMC gland for EtherCAT measurement modules with push-in connector (ELM3xxx-0000), to provide shielding against external interference and temperature stabilisation at the measuring points when measuring temperature; black, scope of supply: shielding hood, screws

Analog Input-Multi-functional input 4-chanel-ELM3704-0000 Beckhoff

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