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PC-based control technology

PC-based control technology


Since the foundation of the company in 1980, continuous development of innovative products and solutions using PC-based control technology has been the basis for the continued success of Beckhoff. Many automation technology standards that are taken for granted today were conceptualised by Beckhoff at an early stage and successfully introduced to the market. The Beckhoff PC Control philosophy and the invention of the Lightbus system, the Bus Terminals and TwinCAT automation software represent milestones in automation technology and have become accepted as high-performance alternatives to traditional control technology. EtherCAT, the real-time Ethernet solution, makes forward-looking, high-performance technology available for a new generation of leading edge control concepts.





Panel PCs

Panel PCs: A Panel PC consisting of a Control Panel and an Industrial PC is suitable for control cabinet installation (CP2xxx or CP6xxx) or mounting arm installation (CP3xxx or CP7xxx).

Control cabinet Industrial PCs

Control cabinet Industrial PCs: Industrial PCs for control cabinet installation can be scaled in size and performance class, depending on the application.

Control Panel

Control Panel: The Control Panels used as human-machine interfaces in conjunction with the high-performance Industrial PCs round off a system with their elegant design and the latest PC technology.

Embedded PC CX

Embedded PC CX: With the CX series of Embedded PCs, Beckhoff has combined PC technology and modular I/O level to form a DIN rail unit in the control cabinet.

Industrial Motherboards

Industrial Motherboards: Beckhoff has expanded the “Industrial Motherboards” line of business into an independent product segment. Beckhoff can thus offer Industrial PCs and Embedded PCs in all performance classes with motherboards developed in-house.




EtherCAT Terminals

EtherCAT Terminals: The EtherCAT Terminal system is a modular I/O system consisting of electronic terminal blocks. The EtherCAT protocol remains fully intact down to the individual terminal.

EtherCAT Box

EtherCAT Box: With the EtherCAT Box modules Beckhoff offers an EtherCAT I/O system in IP 67 protection. This way, the high performance of EtherCAT is available for harsh environments.

Bus Terminals

Bus Terminals: The Bus Terminal is an open and fieldbus-neutral I/O system consisting of electronic terminal blocks.

Fieldbus Box

Fieldbus Box: The Fieldbus Box is an open and fieldbus-neutral I/O system in IP 67 protection for direct mounting on machines.


Lightbus: The fast fibre-optic fieldbus enables interference-proof fieldbus communication.

PC Fieldbus Cards, Switches

PC Fieldbus Cards, Switches: The PC Fieldbus Cards are an intelligent interface generation for maximum performance from fieldbus to PCI bus.
Ethernet Switches in industrial design are universally applicable.




Digital Compact Servo Drives

Digital Compact Servo Drives: The Digital Servo Drives combine the most modern power electronics with a compact practical size.

Synchronous Servomotors

Synchronous Servomotors: The Synchronous Servomotors are brushless three-phase motors with permanent magnets in the rotor. They are ideal for positioning tasks with high demands on dynamics and performance.

Linear Servomotors

Linear Servomotors: The Linear Servomotors are used for characteristic drive curves with regard to dynamics, synchronisation or acceleration. They offer simple installation and are not subject to mechanical wear.

Stepper Motors

Stepper Motors: Stepper Motors are used for small to medium loads – as actuators or auxiliary axes for machine construction and automation applications.


Accessories: A comprehensive range of accessories rounds off the Motion product range.

XTS | eXtended Transport System

XTS | eXtended Transport System: The linear XTS replaces classic mechanical systems by innovative mechatronics. It enables individual product transport applications with a continuous flow of material.

Compact Drive Technology

Compact Drive Technology: Modularity and scalable power with solutions up to 8 A in the I/O system in IP 20 and IP 67


TwinCAT 3

TwinCAT 3: eXtended Automation – the new software generation

TwinCAT – the control plattform

TwinCAT – the control plattform: TwinCAT integrates real-time control with PLC system, Motion Control and programming environment in a single package. Programming is based on the IEC 61131-3 standard.

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Motion, IPC Beckhoff Viet nam - TMP Vietnam

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